A Look Into One Of My All Time Favorite Etsy Shops

there are a ton of  Etsy planner sticker shops out there. One of my blog posts I was planning on doing in the future was my top 5 favorite Etsy/Stationery shops. which I still plan on doing but this shop has done so much for me plus the amazing quality, the great costumer service, the fast shipping, and so so much more I can go on about. so to me, this post deserves its own post.

I discovered this shop through Instagram, and I was instantly hooked when I saw her stickers, the prices and the difference between other shops is what really caught my attention. she has her own style and sets are like a Inkwell Press, Filofax, and bullet journals dream come true. The prices are worth it and you get more then expected.
I always get what I paid for and more. So far, ive  placed two orders and plan on placing more. if you check out my Instagram I posted a video of one order that I received.
I promise you any order you place, you will be satisfied. Sense my 1st purchase, ive used at least one or more stickers in every planner. and they always fit so perfectly.
check out her Instagram and her shop and I promise you wont be disappointed!

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/filomama/
ETSY SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KoalaKissesStickerCo

Wednesday’s Kit


April’s Planner Kit:
whats included:
A5 Floral Divider (Studio Calico)
Scripty Words Page Finder (Studio Calico)
(2) 3×4 Vellum Heart Stickers (Studio Calico)
(2) 4×6 Vellum Washi Stickers (Studio Calico)
(2) 4×6 Pink Alpha Sticker (Studio Calico)
3×4 Stamp Set (Hello Forever)
(3) 3×4 Vellum Icon Stickers (Studio Calico)
Colored Binder Clips (Studio Calico)
Metal Bookmark Set (Studio Calico)
Pink and Yellow Tassel (Maya Road)

out of all the kits this one was one of my favorites and most useful. yes all the kits are useful but this being one of my first
kits ever, i was so happy and satisfied with what i saw in this kit. the colors on the dashboard are like hand drawn watercolor
flowers and have the most beautiful colors. the clips are clips I never knew existed or seen before so when i tried it out
I fell in love and now use it every time i plan!!
TODAYS QUESTION: What item would you use most from this kit?
**please read intro post on how to enter todays and weekly giveaway**Todays prizes include:
1-photo a day double sided
1-to do double sided
several weeks of vertical A5 planner inserts by studio calico
1-clear dashboard
1-sticky notes pad set
1-puffy icons stickers
1-emojis sticker sheet
1-checklist flags sticker sheets


MARCH Planner KIT (HomespunKit)
What’s included:
March printed Chipboard page finder (studio Calico)
5×8 Transparency card (Studio Calico)
(2)-4×6 sticker sheets (inkwell press)
(2) 3×4 checklist flag stickers (hello forever)
(2) 4×6 Kraft label stickers (hello forever)
sticky note pad (studio Calico)
(2) pinked washi strips (studio Calico)
(2) Gold jumbo binder clips
sticky note flags (Studio Calico)
erasable pink Pilot highlighter pen (Pilot Pens)
for being the first kit to review, as you can see, Studio Calico sends you plenty of things you need for the month for you planning
needs. every monthly subscription, comes with a clear pouch filled with everything you need for the month. this kit contained one of
my all time favorite Studio Calico items, which is the checklist stickers! i use them for everything and on everything! they even teamed up with inkwell press to bring you stickers specially made for you inkwell press flexers or classic’s! You should see who else they team up with!

TODAYS QUESTION: Whats your favorite item in this kit?
**please read intro post on how to enter todays and weekly giveaway**

*****sense there was only a few people who enetered yesturday and yesturdays prizes didnt really count and wasnt as much then we are adding them to todays prizes! so today only! you can win mondays and todays prizes!!!

i need more then 8 people to eneter per day until grand prizes for me to do the giveaways so share away!!!

TODAYS PRIZES: win everything pictured below in BOTH pictures today only! also today is the first day to enter everyday to win the grand prize!

Today Is The Day

hello! and welcome to my blog! this week, starting today Monday September 26th to Saturday October 1st. I will be reviewing
a different studio calico kit each day. at the end of each review, there will be a question to answer. YOU HAVE TWO WAYS TO ANSWER! you may answer the question on my
blog where the comments section is at the end of the blog or repost on Instagram (extra entry) your answer and you will be entered to win
that days worth of prizes. each day, the prizes will contain random  items either from other kits or the kit i’m reviewing that day.
there will be a list of items that I will be giving away, that day, at the end of the blog post along with the daily question. everyday will be different
prizes and different questions. on the last day, Oct. 1st i will be giving away two grand prizes! A $10 shop credit to studio calico or a random kit of
your own with the famous studio calico pouch included. 1st grand prize winner gets 1st choice and 2nd runner-up gets remaining prize. To enter
the grand prize drawing you must participate everyday Tue.-Fri. and answer the daily questions T.-F. if you only want to answer Tuesdays question and nothing else
then you wont be entered in the grand prize drawing. kit reviews along with questions will be posted every morning. you have until 6pm California time to answer or
your answer will not count. the daily winner will be announced 1 to 2 hours later after the give away ends and you will be notified if you won.
you MUST post your answer on the comments section at end of each blog or repost with a picture on Instagram and tag me @leahbeeebtq along with the
hashtag #leahbeeeblogGA if you post on Instagram and don’t tag me or put hashtag then it wont count. NO PRIVATE OR GIVEAWAY ACCOUNTS!
if you would extra entries please repost a different post on Instagram promoting my giveaway along with the link to my blog. you can not use
there wasn’t going to be a question and giveaway for today. it was just going to be Tuesday to Saturday. but I decided sense this is the intro to my giveaway to do a question and a small giveaway. the items throughout the week will be more and bigger but for today I wanted to do a little sumthin’

What Studio Calico monthly kit would you like to see this week?
*please refer to the directions above to see one of two ways to enter, or how to get more entries*

todays giveaway items:
“Explore” clip metal book mark-September’s kit “lost river”
cell phone note pad-September’s kit “lost river”
1-sheet of gold foil label stickers-June’s kit “scout”
1-sheet of 3×4 Hello Forever checklist flag stickers

you have until 6pm California time to answer! good luck!

Studio Calico Giveaway

Tomorrow is the day! the beginning of a fun week! are you ready for Monday mornings post? everything will be posted first thing every morning before 9am California time and winner for the day will be announced by 9pm California time. closing for daily giveaways will end at 8pm California time. You will have 24 hours to claim your prize or the prize will be given to someone else. intro, information, and rules will be posted tomorrow morning!img_0721

What’s in My Planner Bag

I try not to carry to much but you never know where or when you will need your planner and planner accessories. this is what I carry in my planner bag on a day to day basis. Its light, its easy, and most of all its useful! I’m sure you will also know by now these are my all-time favorites!

Ipsy makeup bag
I purchased my Ipsy makeup bag brand new at a thrift store for $1.00. its perfect size and a great bargain. I find tons of great condition pencil cases at thrift stores for great prices. You just have to look!

Paper mate Ink joy colored gel pens 0.7mm in lime green, pink, light blue, purple, blue, navy
Paper mate Ink joy gel pens 0.5 black
Mildliner double sided markers in purple, blue, green, grey, red
Paper mate Flair M in purple, green, red, black, navy
Tombow double sided brush pens in 620 and 873
The Paper Mate Inky joy gel pens can be purchased basically anywhere but the cheapest place I found was Staples. You can price match while at the store and they will sell to you for the cheapest price you can find. I purchased my Mildliner pens from EBay for only $6 shipped for the whole set. You can bid, or buy it now. But the best way is to keep checking back to find the cheapest price listed. They post little things like this on a daily/weekly basis. Paper mate flair pens used to cost a lot but sense new pens came out I noticed the price dropped a bit. Still pricey but you can find them for cheap on EBay. I got lucky and found mine at Rite Aid for $0.99 each. Once again, just keep checking back and look around. You can also price match these at Staples. The Tombow brush pens can be found online or stationery shops. they usually run around $3 each but sometimes you can find cheaper deals online like EBay!

Rainbow skinny washi
I don’t carry the whole rainbow most of the time lol I just carry about two or three. I found some on EBay for only $2.99 for the whole set. I also have the Recollections brand washi in pastel rainbow. It retails for about $7-$8 but I get the %50 off coupons and it will cost about $3.50-$4.00 with the coupon for the whole set plus a tape dispenser!

Oh Hello Stationery Sticker Organizer
its small but big enough to carry all your functional stickers. If I have a full sheet, I sometimes just cut it down to fit the pockets inside the organizer. It comes in different cover options and has plenty of room to stuff your stickers in. it’s not binder big so fits perfect in my bag without taking up a ton of room. And you would be surprised to see how many stickers I have in mine (that will be a future blog post).  They are on sale now at ohhelloco.com for only $3.56 plus use the code “LEAHBEEE10” for 10% off you order!

Joanne’s reusable tote bag in Owl print
there are two versions of this bag. Large or Small. I have multiples of these bags in different prints and use them for shopping. But I use the small owl print bag as a planner bag. Its small but holds just the right amount of stuff plus extra room. Very durable, sense I’ve had these bags for a long time and use them for multiple things like packing clothes, shopping, storage, planner bag, etc. they usually run around $2-$3 but most of the time they are on sale for $1!! Which is a decent price! Plus, a 50% off coupon when you sign up for emails you can get it for $0.50!!!

Filofax Geometric Personal Planner Erin Condren Horizontal or Inkwell Press A5 Flex
I always ALWAYS have my Filofax on me. But there’s times where I also take my bigger planners, like my Erin Condren Horizontal or my Inkwell Press A5 flex. All these planners plus the accessories all fit perfectly in the Joanne’s tote bag.

Dollar Tree iPad case Target Dollar Spot felt case/holder/whatever it is cheap and perfect size!!! The Dollar Tree iPad case was made for the large iPad but fits the Filofax Personal just perfect! they have different colors like black, blue, grey…. I even saw a pink one! And they are only a $1!! With a Velcro closing, its perfect protection for my lovely filo! The Target Dollar Spot case was found by a surprise! I purchased one for a $1.00 and one was given to me as a gift. I have a blue one and a grey one and they both have a button closer and fit the Erin Condren planner just perfect! its literally made for the Erin Condren! I haven’t seen them recently in the $ spot area of target but I’ve seen similar cases and they can also be found on EBay sometimes.

well there you have it! A look into my planner bag! If you have any questions or would like to let me know what’s in your bag just leave me a comment below! And check out my Instagram @leahbeeebtq for ideas/stationery/and much MUCH more! Thanks for reading!

Washi Wednesday on a Thursday!

I was a little late yesterday. So sense Thursday is a random post day I decided to post Washi Wednesday’s post Today! Enjoy!
 My top 7 favorite washi rolls in my entire collection it’s not always about the planners and planner stickers. The washi sometimes steals the show. Plain, floral, polka dots, chevron, whatever pattern or color, there’s always going to be a few rolls that catch your eye. Here’s info on my top 7 favorite. (in order from top to bottom in picture)

#1: Oh Hello Stationery Co. “Vintage Floral” washi roll (ft.in March subscription, Now on sale as single roll) $2.95 each. use code “LEAHBEEE10” for 10%off at ohhelloco.com
#2: Oh Hello Stationery Co. “Waving Hello” washi roll (ft. in April subscription, Now on sale a single roll) $2.95 each. use code “LEAHBEEE10” for 10%off at ohhelloco.com
#3: The Happy Planner peach/light pink chevron washi roll (set of 7 in “Fresh Floral Collection”) $9.99 for 7 set. Find them discounted at Blitsy.com Get even bigger discounts with link below

#4: Recollections brand at Michael’s navy/pink lined washi (included in large tube with 12-13 rolls) $19.99 each for full tube. coupon codes for up to 60%off when you sign up for Michael’s email
#5: The Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby white/teal “To Do” skinny washi (in set of 5) $4.99 for 5 set. Purchased for 50%off. Find coupons and deals at Hobby Lobby and hobbylobby.com
#6: The Happy Planner light blue/white zig zag skinny washi (set of 7 in “Fresh Floral Collection”) $9.99 for 7 set. Find them discounted at Blitsy.com Get even bigger discounts with link below
#7: The Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby gold/black “Noted” skinny washi ( in set of 5) $4.99 for 5 set. Purchased for 50%off. Find coupons and deals at Hobby Lobby Store and hobbylobby.com

Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have weekly coupon ads and discounts, but you can save much more when you sign up for their emails.
For Oh Hello Stationery orders use the code LEAHBEEE10 for 10% off your order at ohhelloco.com or FIRST TIME ORDERING AT OH HELLO? CLICK THE LINK TO RECEIVE $5 OFF YOUR 1ST ORDER from Oh Hello Stationery $5off first order link: http://r.sloyalty.com/r/uLUJvnJGrRSZ
I’ve been getting great deals at Blitsy.com sense I started planning. Blitsy always has discounted planner goods! Plus, special offers! Like the new 2017 happy planner at 40%off! Or happy planner stickers for only $3.88!  they are in store for $6 and up! Blitsy always has prices reduced and weekly sales on top of those already reduced prices! Click on the link to save even more on your Blitsy order. Blitsy discount link: http://blitsy.com/ref/3d2x

thanks for reading!! Be sure to leave comments, ideas, or even just feedback! I love hearing from everyone who reads 🙂


Instagram’s Weekly Filofax Post

So sorry I haven’t been posting! There’s been so much going, birthdays, funerals, being sick.  So now that I have the time to sit and type, instead of doing the weekly schedule, I decided to post my cute personal planner inserts for this week. Every week on my Instagram, I post my personal inserts in my Filofax and use a different Oh Hello Stationery Co. mini weekly kit. I usually post a time lapse plan with me type video, but there’s always at least one or two photos of the full finished layout posted once a week. The inserts are from WisheeWashi and are WO2P and fit Erin Condren stickers. The perfect space for just enough planning. I’ve been working with and doing some PR work for Oh Hello Stationery co. for quite some time now, and they have a large selection of planners. But in my experience, the most useful is the mini weekly kits. They have the perfect amount of functional, decorative, headers, and full boxes for a full week of planning. These kits have always been my #1 go to. They are so fun and useful that I decided to do a weekly post, using the theme and colors of the mini weekly kits in my Filofax personal planner. I sometimes use a couple of other stickers from other sticker shops, but I love to keep the mini weekly theme together. Oh Hello Stationery Co. has a huge selection of mini weekly kits including Erin Conran monthly colors, animal themes, watercolors, and much MUCH MORE! The colors are always vibrant! Rather the paper be glossy or matte, the quality is always perfect. The photos posted with this post include past and present mini weekly kits I’ve done in my Filofax personal planner so far. I love the colors and themes or how exciting it is to post something new each week. I love making it a giant surprise! “what Oh Hello Stationery mini weekly kit will Leah do this week in her personal planner?” check out my Instagram @leahbeeebtq at the end of each week to see what kit I will do next! Have an idea? Leave me your feedback, comments, or ideas! Thanks for reading! Have a beee-UtiFul day